Man Charged with Plotting to Kidnap Letterman's Child, Nanny
March 17, 2005

"Extra" is learning more about the shocking news about an ex-con's alleged plans to infiltrate the family of late night king David Letterman.

The man who helps America go to bed laughing every night can now rest a little easier. Cops have foiled an alleged plot to kidnap Letterman's son Harry, and his nanny from the star's Montana home, for a $5 million dollar ransom.

Authorities say a man, identified as Kelly A. Frank, was secretly planning to kidnap little Harry, the baby Letterman so proudly introduced to the world on his show.

The suspect is an ex-con who has actually done work on Letterman's Montana home. Cops say Frank is currently on probation for another crime. His plans were exposed when someone called the local police, leading to his arrest on Thursday.

Letterman's "Late Show" went on today without incident.

We'll have more details, Friday on "Extra."

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