Desperately Seeking Dressing Room
March 16, 2005

The years have gone by at "Extra" and our Dayna Devon has let her dressing room go out of style. So imagine her surprise when the producers decided to give it a facelift with some help from TV's "Extreme Makeover" guru, Michael Moloney.

Michael's mission was to transform Dayna's personal mess into a tranquil oasis. "It's just a lot going on," Michael observed of the state-of-the-wreck dressing room. "I heard she likes calm and peaceful, so what part of red, gold and black is calm and peaceful? Not a lot!"

It's true, Dayna was disastrously disorganized, so Michael began de-cluttering immediately. "This is so 1992 over here," Michael observed while working. "The lamp that doesn't know if it's coming or going -- bye-bye."

But the dressing room turned out to be too big a job for just one man, so Michael called in the extreme team, which included One Week Bath to demolish the bathroom. Waverly Wallpaper took care of the yellow walls, and Amigo's Flooring Super Warehouse rolled out a new carpet. And they did it all in just four days!

Dayna was thrilled with the result, saying, "My new bathroom was beautiful! Kohler appliances! Storage space! And even custom M&M candy to match!"

Make that taupe and cream M&M's (the candies which are Michael's trademark). Talk about a sweet surprise!

Our thanks to all those who helped make this makeover so successful:
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Wallpaper by Waverly wallpaper


Dressing Room furnished by Z Gallerie Furniture

Bathroom remodeled by One Week Bath

Bathroom appliances and fixtures by Kohler

Bathroom accessories by Bed Bath & Beyond

Bathroom Tile by Daltile

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