Brian McKnight: Three Careers and Counting
March 16, 2005

Critics have called superstar singer Brian McKnight "smooth as silk sheets" and "lover boy," and "Extra" got the chance to visit Brian inside his amazing Los Angeles mansion, where we learned Brian has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

McKnight's latest album, "Gemini," is historic for him. "It's the biggest debut I've had," he revealed.

But what you might not know is that the velvet-voiced singer is as much an athlete as he is a musician, playing pro-basketball as part of a summertime league in Los Angeles that tours the world.

"I went to China, had a roommate, we stayed in crappy hotels, and I made $25 a game," Brian bragged jokingly.

But music has been a lot more lucrative for Brian. He's been in the music world for 17 years and sold 16 million albums, affording him his beautiful home complete with a putting green and infinity pool. "Life is good," he said simply. "I can't complain. I have something to leave my children."

So in this world of hip hop and rap, why do people still gravitate to McKnight's music? "I think one of the reasons is people have grown up with me, I started doing this at 18," Brian said.

And now, McKnight is entering another phase in his life -- that of a burgeoning broadcaster for none other than "Extra." So far, he's reported for us from the Grammys and several other big music events, so how does he like it? "When Britney walks up to you with the dog and she wants to talk to you, it just makes you feel so good," McKnight admitted.

And if he had to choose, what would it be: athlete, singer or broadcaster?

"There's nothing as rewarding as writing a song at your most solitary, lonely moment and then playing it on stage with thousands of people and they all know it," McKnight decided.

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