The Powerhouse in Michael's Corner
March 16, 2005

Michael Jackson is back in court today, as three big headlines surface in his case.

First, new court papers reveal just how much money Michael agreed to pay Debbie Rowe after their divorce. Initially, it was over $2 million a year, but his latest payment was $900,000, which he refused to pay after she talked about him on TV.

In another development, "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno may help Jackson's case. "Good Morning America" reported Wednesday that Leno, who's a potential defense witness, told investigators he once spoke to Jackson's young accuser and that the boy sounded, "rehearsed."

Meanwhile, Michael's got a new powerhouse in his corner. The King of Pop has been waking up daily at 4:30 a.m. to pray with Reverend Jesse Jackson, who told "Extra" that the trial is really taking a toll on the star: "He is very anxious about it."

Jesse also says he's outraged there are no black jurors and is worried Michael won't get a fair trial. "That jury does not have one African American, as if we didn't have the right to vote," Jesse observed. "That's not true, and that's not fair."

Michael's jury is made up of eight whites, three Latinos and one Asian American, and the civil rights advocate says the jury selection has caused friction between Michael and his attorney Thomas Mesereau.

"His lawyer seems to be less anxious," Jesse revealed. "So there seems to be some tension of opinion about that."

There's no doubt America is obsessed with the high-profile trial, but even though he's a celebrity, Michael is entitled to a fair trial, the Reverend insists, saying, "He deserves that, whatever the outcome may be."

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