Still Still Duran Duran
March 15, 2005

As a kid, one of Mark McGrath's favorite bands was Duran Duran -- now, 20 years later, he got the chance to meet his idols Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor as Duran Duran played the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas for the latest stop on their big reunion tour.

"We all felt it was the right time for us to get back together and work," Simon told Mark.

The legendary rockers, who recently released two new albums, "Astronaut" and a 14-disc set "The Singles," talked to Mark about the overwhelming reaction they're getting from fans at sold-out arenas around the country.

"They love the music, and we really love the music as well," Simon said.

So what's the biggest difference between touring in 2005 versus in the '80s? "I think we're a lot better at what we're doing now," Nick admitted. "I mean, if you spend 20 years in music, you get a lot of experience and you practice a lot."

"We thought there was an arena tour and reunion," John said of their comeback. "But it was more about making an album and getting it right and going out with a show that wasn't all nostalgia and old songs."

So what about the fans? From the stage, how does the crowd look compared to 20 years ago? "They're a lot sexier than they used to be," John observed. "They're older and learned how to put makeup on."

But some things never change. "On this tour I look at the band, play the intro to 'Rio' and think about the first time we did it," said John. "And I think, 'Damn we're still doing this?'"

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