Billy Joel Enters Rehab
March 15, 2005

He became a rock legend living a life of wine, women and song. But even now, at the age of 55 and with a beautiful new wife nearly half his age, Billy Joel continues to battle the bottle. According to his publicist, the superstar checked into an undisclosed treatment facility for alcohol abuse after suffering, "Severe gastro-intestinal distress."

It's the fourth time Joel has been hospitalized in recent years. He was treated for alcoholism and depression in 2002 and was also treated for injuries following a series of traffic accidents.

"Extra" last interviewed Billy in January at Donald Trump's wedding, where he told us, "The whole place stood and cheered. I thought that was pretty cool."

For now, the piano man is asking for privacy as he once again deals with his demons.

Joel at Trump's Wedding
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Billy Joel in Car Crash
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