Like Father Like Son (in Law)
March 14, 2005

Dad's not crazy about his future son-in-law, as the hilarious duo of Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher square off in the new comedy about race and romance called "Guess Who." But when "Extra's" Jon Kelley sat down with the pair, he got them to answer some slightly more serious questions.

Jon Kelley: You guys obviously had a ball doing this thing. How do you describe the relationship you developed while filming?

Ashton Kutcher: We had a good time. We like to go to work and play everyday.

Bernie Mac: Jon, when have you known me not to have a good time?

Mac may be known for having fun, but his health recently became a problem. The star revealed that he's suffered from a rare autoimmune condition for two decades, and last summer it landed him in the hospital.

JK: How are you feeling, Bernie?

BM: I'm feeling great, really good. I'm getting better and better.

In "Guess Who," Ashton is certainly not having a good time with his future in-laws, but in real life he told us he's having a blast being a second dad to Bruce and girlfriend Demi's three daughters.

JK: How flattering has it been that Demi's daughters call you, "My other dad?"

AK: That's a good thing. I've got to appreciate that. It's flattering. I appreciate the position and the blessings I've been given.

JK: What's been the key of co-parenting with Demi and Bruce?

AK: I think the key is open and honest communication.

And you can check out Bernie and Ashton engaging in some less than open communication when "Guess Who" hits theaters on March 25th.

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