Bracco Back from the Edge
March 3, 2005

She plays Tony Sopranos' personal shrink, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, on the HBO smash hit "The Sopranos," but while she dispensed psychological advice on TV, in real life Lorraine Bracco was fighting her own battle with depression.

People magazine Senior Editor Cynthia Sanz told us Bracco's battle began with her divorce from Harvey Keitel. "She was getting unhappy and she felt overwhelmed," Sanz revealed. "They were in the middle of a really vicious custody battle over their daughter, Stella, and Stella suddenly got sick. She was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis."

Then Bracco's marriage to Edward James Olmos fell apart and the legal bills pushed her into bankruptcy. Bracco eventually went for professional help, and despite fears it would affect her acting, she started taking medication.

The therapy worked so well that Bracco contacted Pfizer about creating a Web site where people can get help. Bracco has now found love with 30-year-old Jason Cipolla, a former Syracuse University basketball player.

Now her daughter Stella is in college and Lorraine's bought a house in the Hamptons. And of course, there's the return of "The Sopranos." "I'm always looking forward to my boys," Bracco said.

Look for Lorraine back counseling Tony when season six starts shooting in April.

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