A Night with the Daytime Divas
March 10, 2005

The biggest stars of the small screen got their groove on Thursday night to party with advertisers in New York, and "Extra" caught all the action.

Supermodel-turned-talk-show-host Tyra Banks was among the stars of syndicated TV, who partied the night away. The star of "America's Next Top Model" can't wait to show off her softer side when her daytime talk show debuts in September.

"I'm going to be very naked and very vulnerable," Banks revealed. "Hopefully that will make my guests feel that they can open up to me and America."

Meanwhile, the sexy (and not married) Judge Milian celebrated the 20th anniversary of "The People's Court." And "Extra's" Tanika Ray busted Meredith Vieira sharing a secret with our own Dayna Devon.

And on the heels of a health scare, in which she had non-cancerous polyps removed, daytime dancing queen Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her show's 11 Daytime Emmy nominations. "It feels good 11 times over," Ellen admitted.

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