Who Has the Best Bod of Them All?
March 10, 2005

Whether it's Usher's abs, Brad's biceps, Giselle's legs or Beyoncé's bottom, they're the buffest and most bodacious bodies in sports, fashion, movies and music. All this week on VH-1 and this month in Self Magazine, you can hit the gym with the stars to count down to the 100 Most Wanted Bodies.

Beautiful Beyoncé is high on the list, and she showed "Extra" how she got so bootylicious. "I worked out a lot on toning," she revealed. "As I got smaller, I wanted to make sure my form is right, that I was, you know, tight. You need good butt muscles, especially for my butt dancing in 'Crazy.'"

And what guy doesn't want Usher's abs? So fess up, Usher, how do you do it? "I do like a thousand crunches a day," he admitted. "I do a lot of push-ups, a lot of pull-ups and run a lot. I just try to stay physically fit."

"I feel I was blessed with great genes," Usher added. "I have a nice physique that I've built over the years."

Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas gets it started by hitting the gym every day, where she does lunges for those long legs, swinging bars for her tight torso and lots of weights. "I could do this all day," she told us.

Stars like Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Jen Garner and Eva Longoria are also on the Hot 100 List, but the number one spot can only go to one Hollywood hottie -- the very deserving Halle Berry.

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