John Stamos is Ready for Love
March 10, 2005

John Stamos is certainly one of America's most eligible bachelors, and "Extra's" Dayna Devon had a date with the star to talk about his critically acclaimed new ABC show and his life post-divorce.

John took Manhattan by storm Thursday morning, first hanging out with Regis and Kelly, then the ladies on "The View" and even "Good Morning America" to promote his new show, "Jake in Progress." But the morning was certainly not without some very personal questions.

In his new show, John plays a hotshot New York publicist who can spin celebrities out of a jam, but can't seem to spin himself into a lasting relationship. "It's the best thing I've ever done," Stamos admitted. "I feel like people want me to make it and be successful. And it feels so good."

And what's not to love about a guy who is honest about his own insecurities after his divorce from Rebecca Romijn? In fact, Stamos revealed he actually used that to help create the character of "Jake."

"People look at me and go, 'You must have it made. You have girls. You have a great life,'" Stamos related. "It's not true. I mean you pull the curtain away, and you see I'm just as insecure and neurotic and scared and vulnerable as anybody, you know, and I thought that was an interesting character."

So what can us girls learn from "Jake in Progress?" "I think girls talk dirtier than boys," Stamos said.

Okay, how about something a little deeper? "We're romantic guys," John added. "We want romance."

"Jake in Progress" premieres Sunday night in the "Desperate Housewives" slot, before moving to Thursday nights on ABC.

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