Star Beauty Secrets: Forever Young
March 9, 2005

Just spend a New York minute with Victoria's Secret supermodel Frederique Van Der Wal and you'll discover she's got the secrets to staying young. Only "Extra" got the skinny on how the Dutch beauty stays at the top of her modeling game.

Besides getting regular facials and massages, you might be surprised to learn that Frederique had a little cosmetic help. "You can do very little changes that can make a big difference," she revealed. "I've discovered Restylane, and I've had my first injection."

Frederique took us to Manhattan's Skin Klinic and showed us Restylane, the newly-approved injectable wrinkle filler made from a non-animal natural substance which already exists in the human body. "Actually, that's the only spot I've done," she showed us, pointing to her cheek. "A little bit in here to kind of see what it would do. It was barely noticeable, and one of the reactions I got was, 'You've been on holiday,' and that's what I wanted to hear."

But we wanted to hear more beauty secrets from the gorgeous model, and what better place to discuss them than over lunch. Frederique joked about ordering a burger and fries but actually ate grilled tuna. She suggested never having too much on your lunch plate.

"If you have a steak, don't have a steak that's half a cow on your plate," she said. "If you have a sandwich, make sure it fits in your mouth."

So what's her final food for thought? "I think my secret is really about feeling happy with yourself," she advised.

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