'Desperate' For the Truth
March 9, 2005

With a huge hit show comes lots of rumors, and the "Desperate Housewives" are experiencing just that. "Extra" went straight to the source to find out what gossip is true and what is not.

"Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria set the record straight about her love life and the 300-person birthday party she threw for herself, complete with margaritas and life-like piĎatas.

"I am dating," she said. "It's not Tom Cruise. I'm not dating Tom Cruise, that's Sof╠a Vergara."

Got it Eva; moving on to the birthday party, about which Eva revealed: "I said, 'What do we want to beat the crap out of?' I was going to make it one of two things: the paparazzi or President Bush, so we went with the paparazzi."

Eva was extolling as the gang from Wisteria Lane walked the red carpet at the William S. Paley Festival at the Museum of Television and Radio in Hollywood, where we went on desperate rumor control.

Rumor number one: who's getting married? And are the rumors true that the wedding will be the season-ending cliffhanger?

"You leakers sneakers, you got it all wrong," Longoria insisted. "There is a wedding. It's not in the finale, and it's not in that capacity."

Eva may know a lot, but is it true that "Desperate" fever is so hot that the cast is now being kept in the dark?

"They're shredding scripts now," James Denton confirmed. "We're only getting scenes that we're in so we're getting less and less."

The hot storylines have set a ratings record in Great Britain, and they even have Prince William hooked, but is it true that they're desperate for the housewives Down Under too? "The show has garnered the highest ratings of any television show in the history of Australia," Doug Savant revealed.

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