Rumor Control: Making the Rounds
March 8, 2005

The rumor mill continues to roll in Hollywood, and "Extra" continues to set straight the latest stories you've been seeing.

To start with, did daytime's dancing queen Ellen DeGeneres have a health scare?

Yes she did -- it turns out Ellen had polyps. "A lot of people just have one polyp or two, but I had three, and one polyp is suing," Ellen joked.

TV's favorite funny lady can add three removed polyps to her 11 Daytime Emmy nominations. And while Ellen used her trademark humor to talk about her health scare, she has a serious message for her fans: "If you have a situation, don't be afraid to get a procedure or you'll end up having an ordeal."

Is Miss "American Pie," Shannon Elizabeth, saying goodbye to her husband, Actor Joe Reitman?

Yes -- Shannon's reps tell "Extra" the separation is a mutual decision and they remain friends. The actress put on a brave poker face at the Bellagio in Las Vegas this past weekend joining Tobey and Leo at the tables.

Millions of "Extra" viewers saw Mark McGrath take life in his hands Monday, as he went toe to toe with Sugar Ray Leonard. But now, does Sylvester Stallone want a piece of Mark too?

Unfortunately for Mark, yes -- our Tanika Ray joined all the heavy hitters, from Rocky to Sugar Ray to fan Liza Minnelli in New York Monday night for "The Contender" premiere party. And Stallone told Tanika he was ready for Mark, "Anytime, anywhere, but I'll bring the pizza."

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