Halle Looks Within To Fight Abuse
March 3, 2005

Halle Berry's heartfelt crusades go way beyond the glamour of the red carpet. The Oscar winner's other life includes immense acts of kindness, and only "Extra" takes you inside Halle's fight to help victims of domestic abuse.

"It's really fun to go to parties and be at the Oscars," Halle admitted to us. "But it's profoundly meaningful when I can use all that I've been blessed with to really reach back to the community. These are my people; this is the community that I relate to."

"Extra" caught up with Halle at the Los Angeles Marathon, where she helped raise money and awareness for the Jenesse Center, a shelter for women and children in South Central Los Angeles.

"This charity really does a lot of good," Berry said. "The Jenesse Center I've been involved with for many years. They really reach out and put their arms around the community, especially the women and children who are battered and who are running for shelter."

"They need help now that the government has taken away all the government subsidies," Halle continued. "And I'm such a woman's woman and championing causes that I help women and I love children."

Halle has had millions of fans from all over the world cheer her on, but what does it mean to the star when she is embraced for a cause like this?

"You know, it's a different kind of love," she observed. "When I got out of the car today, and the kids rush over and people come over and tell you what your support means, that's just real genuine love from the people. To know you're helping them help themselves, that's really good."

But despite all of her fame and fortune, Halle's compassion is rooted in a childhood of feeling like an outsider, coming from a bi-racial family. "I think as a kid I always felt like I didn't belong, so I always feel that I have to prove myself, and that's something that I just can't get rid of," she told us.

Well, Halle is certainly proving herself now, and an entire community is grateful for it.

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