Turning 40, Love and Wardrobe Malfunctions?
March 7, 2005

Sandra Bullock is "Armed and Fabulous" in her new movie, "Miss Congeniality 2," and she sat down with our Jon Kelley to discuss her new role, starting with her stint in the film going undercover with her new partner, Regina King, as a Vegas showgirl.

Jon Kelley: Now with all the wild outfits you had to wear, were there any wardrobe malfunctions?

Sandra Bullock: You mean...? [gesturing to her bosom] Yes, we have to be careful with the brothers.

JK: The brothers?

SB: The brothers had to move to the side.

JK: See, when I say brother, it's a different thing.

SB: [laughing] Yeah, see when I say brothers, people know I'm talking about the breastses.

JK: So are you always the "Miss Congeniality" in real life? Always the nice girl next door?

SB: It takes a lot to push me, but once you've pushed, like people will keep pushing because they think, "She's not going to get mad. Sandra Bullock, she's nice." And then it comes out ugly -- and people respect me after that.

JK: How tough is it for you or anyone in Hollywood to look at relationships and the personal part of it? (Sandra is currently dating "Monster Garage" host, Jesse James.)

SB: I think the biggest mistake is when you take anything that you love and put it on the same plane with your work to make yourself look a certain way or to garner something. I think it's going to destroy-- it's going to be hard on the relationship.

JK: When it comes to your image, you look like you're 40 going on 30. Are you comfortable with your age?

SB: Here's the thing, what is 40 really? The only people that make something out of 40 are magazines. Why don't they say, "32!" It's all a state of mind, as long as you're having a good time. I'm living my life and it's a good one. I know it, and I get up every morning thankful for it. I like to have a good time and laugh.

Sandra brings her latest laugh riot, "Miss Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous" to the big screen March 24th.

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