Jackson Seeks Protection From Alleged Stalker
March 7, 2005

Janet Jackson revealed Monday that she's fearful for her life. Shocking court papers reveal Janet has an alleged stalker who's been tormenting her for nearly a decade. Janet says he even attempted to hunt her down during her appearance last year on "Saturday Night Live."

"Celebrity Justice" Executive Producer Harvey Levin says Robert Gardner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has made the pop diva's life a nightmare. "He tried to crash a dress rehearsal of 'Saturday Night Live,'" Levin revealed. "He was found to have a pair of scissors, a box-cutter and a multi-functional knife."

Jackson is asking a Los Angeles judge for an emergency restraining order against Gardner, claiming he threatened to come see her again last week.

The singer says Gardner's attempts to meet her and his disturbing sexual references in letters and faxes have her living in fear. "It is only a matter of time until he has the opportunity to harm me," Jackson alleged.

A judge will decide on March 17th whether or not to issue the restraining order.

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