The Domestic Diva's Almost Home
March 3, 2005

Sometime after the stroke of midnight on Thursday night, Martha Stewart will pass through the prison gates a free woman -- well, almost free.

"Extra" has learned an SUV will be waiting to whisk Martha from prison to the Greenbrier Airport, where we're told one of Donald Trump's personal aircrafts will fly Martha to her 153-acre estate in Bedford, New York. Stewart will finish out her sentence under house arrest. So it seems that Martha could be in her own bed before sunrise.

Society Editor R. Couri Hay, Martha's friend at Gotham and Hamptons Magazine, told "Extra" that Martha's top priority will be quiet time with her daughter. And then she'll meet the press. "I think you're going to see a warmer, fuzzier, kinder, gentler Martha Stewart," Hay speculated. "I expect that Martha Stewart will face the media and make a statement, whether she'll answer questions or not, I'm not so sure about that."

Martha's Bedford estate was bustling with activity Wednesday. Her $40 million "prison away from prison" has just been renovated for the Domestic Diva's five-month stay. As for Martha's first home-cooked meal, we're told it will be her favorite dish: omelets with caviar or truffles.

"She's hired the chef from Le Cirque to come and be her personal chef in Bedford, New York," Hay revealed.

On Thursday night's "People in the News" at 10 on CNN, the network will air never-before-seen footage of Martha in prison. Paula Zahn will host the one-hour special, called "Martha's Makeover."

Also Thursday night, CNBC will air a rare interview, called "The New Martha," with Stewart's new chief executive Susan Lyne.

So ready or not, America's favorite homemaker is coming home. And we'll have more from Alderson, West Virginia, and Bedford, New York, Friday on "Extra."

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