The Travoltas' Guide to Wedded Bliss
March 3, 2005

John Travolta is about to heat up the big screen with Uma Thurman in "Be Cool," but in real life, the star has been dancing with the same partner for 13 years -- gorgeous wife Kelly Preston.

In a candid cover story for the April issue of Ladies Home Journal, John and Kelly open up to Entertainment Editor Laura Brownstein about their faith in Scientology. "They seem to have it figured out," Brownstein told us. "Scientology is clearly very important to Kelly Preston and John Travolta. They have been followers of it for a really long time and both talk very openly about the positive effect it has on their lives."

The Travoltas' interview took place at a Scientology Center, and Kelly revealed their lives may soon be filled with another baby. "Both John and Kelly say they definitely want more children," Brownstein revealed.

And Kelly recently broke the baby news to "Extra." "Yes, I am going to have another," she told us. "But I am not pregnant now."

With two kids and hot careers, not to mention their own jet, Mr. and Mrs. Travolta say that life right now is about as good as it gets. "It's awesome," John admitted. "I have to remind everybody because it's easy to forget."

So what's the secret to their wedded bliss? "We've been married for 13 years, which in Hollywood is like 50 years," Kelly admitted. "You just keep it honest and fun and playful."

And both stars say that when their Hollywood lives get too hectic, they sneak off for private moments together. "We say, 'Let's go out on a date,' or even in the daytime, 'Let's sneak away for lunch,'" Preston revealed.

You can go inside the power couple's private world when Ladies Home Journal hits newsstands March 8th.

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