Denton 'Desperate' for Baby Help
March 2, 2005

James Denton, the hunky plumber from "Desperate Housewives" was in a desperate situation. Not only did he just buy a new home, but he and his pregnant wife, Erin, are expecting their second child any day now. And while James knows how to fix those pipes on Wisteria Lane, when it came time to decorate his real life nursery, he needed some help.

But never fear, "Extra's" here! First, we sent our decorating guru Michael Moloney to the "Desperate" plumber's house, and then we recruited Wendy Bellissimo, baby designer to the stars (who, appropriately enough, is nine months pregnant herself).

With our team assembled, we faced the challenge: the room was small and the previous owner had painted it with pink and white stripes. The Denton's nursery needed to be gender neutral.

Everyone's clocks were ticking (especially Erin's) as our team set to work. On day one, Moloney took care of the trouble spots on the floor, and he changed the pink stripes to blue.

And as the design team taped, sanded, varnished and painted, Wendy hit Babies 'R Us, where her own line of Wendy Bellissimo baby dÈcor is sold, for some shopping. And she was a lady on a mission: "Baskets, lots of baskets for storage, especially since two are sharing."

Next up were beds, bookshelves and blankets, and Wendy shared with us the best part: "It's all machine washable, for mom and baby it has to be."

We even set up the Dentons with Johnson's Baby products and a Gerber breast pump. And no room would be complete without Moloney's signature touch -- M&Ms.

After only four days, it was time for the big reveal. And there's no doubt this dream nursery was a dream come true for James and Erin, especially when their son, Sheppard came in.

"Well, if you've seen the rest of the house, you know we'll all be living in here," James joked. "We'll bring the futon in, and we'll make it a very nice living room as well."

"It's unbelievable," he continued. "This space and how comfortable it is and just the areas they both have. I can't believe it, you guys are amazing!"

Looks like it's time to bring on the baby!

Be sure check out our photos of the baby's beautiful new room in the slide version of this story.

Special thanks to our "Extra" Makeover contributors:

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