'AI's' Constantine's Lost Performance for Love
March 2, 2005

"Extra" has uncovered the long lost tape of "American Idol" hopeful Constantine Maroulis. Before the heartthrob became an "Idol" frontrunner and this season's resident rocker, he actually competed for a young woman's heart on the dating reality show "Elimidate" a few years ago.

"I definitely have a lot of drive," Constantine bragged on his audition tape. "I know I'm going to do well with my singing one day wherever it takes me."

Well, it's working for him so far. You can catch Constantine's "Elimidate" episode on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, "Extra's" special correspondent Cameron Mathison reported straight from soap opera enemy territory Wednesday -- but it was for a good cause. The "All My Children" star hit up the set of "Guiding Light" to announce the Daytime Emmy Award nominations, and in addition to announcing, he picked up his second nod for Best Supporting Actor.

The winners will be announced May 20th. Congratulations and good luck Cameron!

And in other awards news, "Extra's" got the fashion-forward icons making Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed list. Vanity Fair correspondent Amy Fine Collins told us this year there are some surprising newcomers on the list, such as Sofia Coppola and Outkast's Andre 3000.

"He's a freaky, fun, exciting addition to the list," Fine Collins said of Andre 3000.

Oprah is also at the top the list, and so are Jude Law and Sienna Miller, who Fine Collins describes as, "A fantastic-looking couple, who also has fantastic style."

Vanity Fair hits newsstands on March 8th.

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