Martha's Countdown to Freedom
March 2, 2005

Domestic Diva Martha Stewart has a lot to celebrate - not only is she just 48 hours away from freedom, but Wednesday morning, her cancelled syndicated show "Martha Stewart Living" received three Daytime Emmy nominations.

Stewart is said to be so excited about returning to work that she'll report to her corporate headquarters in midtown Manhattan as early as Saturday. "I would imagine that's what she wants to do," agreed Martha's billionaire buddy, Donald Trump.

Trump will serve as an executive producer of Stewart's upcoming "Apprentice" spin-off, and inside sources tell "Extra" that The Donald will provide one of his personal aircrafts to fly Martha from prison to her estate in Bedford, New York, where she'll finish out her sentence under house arrest.

Meanwhile, Martha is getting advice from celebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman, who knows all about bouncing back from a scandal. "Martha is going to be fine," Grubman insisted. "She's great. She's a good friend of mine.

Lizzie earned notoriety following an infamous traffic accident in the Hamptons. But later this month, she's starring in her own reality show called "Power Girls" on MTV. "I can't wait to see Martha," Lizzie added. "She's a survivor, and she's going to be on top of the world."

And last night there were air kisses and warm wishes for Stewart at a star-studded party, hosted by socialite songwriter Denise Rich, celebrating Joan Collins' new book.

"I think the woman is incredible," Rich told us of Martha. "I just hope she's going to be hugely successful. If she wants, I'll write a song for her!"

"She's coming back big time," Joan Collins added. "Good on you, Martha. I approve."

Even Regis Philbin had warm wishes for Martha: "America loves a comeback and this in every sense of the word is going to be a comeback for Martha Stewart."

For more Martha, check out the current cover of "Newsweek," which shows Martha's head pasted onto a model's body, illustrating that America's favorite home maker is coming home 20 pounds lighter -- but bigger than ever.

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