Early Release Expected for Martha
March 1, 2005

After five months in prison, it's good-bye Camp Cupcake and hello Bedford. Martha Stewart is scheduled to be released this Sunday, but "Extra" has learned she will most likely be set free on Friday.

Martha will serve out the rest of her sentence at her newly-renovated estate in Bedford, New York. But private investigator Bo Dietel says it will be like a prison away from prison.

"When Martha gets released, they are going to give her a 72-hour time period to report to her probation officer," Dietel explained. "There will be guidelines for her house arrest."

For five months, Martha will have to wear an electronic tracking device on her ankle. She'll be allowed to leave the grounds to work for 48 hours per week. Anyone can visit her, as long as they're not a convicted felon.

But Charles Gasparino of Newsweek and the author of "Blood on the Street" reports that Martha is getting the last laugh: "She's definitely wealthier; her stock price has exploded over the last five months."

Martha is certainly a billionaire once again, but she is humbled by her experience and is reportedly 20 pounds lighter. According to CNN Anchor Paula Zahn, Martha is a new woman. "This is a woman who I'm told has undergone a remarkable transformation in prison," Zahn revealed.

The Domestic Diva also has two new TV shows in the works, including a spin-off of "The Apprentice" with reality TV king Mark Burnett.

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