Triplets Transformed: the Final Test
March 1, 2005

It was one of the most memorable moments of this season's "American Idol:" Simon Cowell calling the Maynard triplets from Nebraska "overweight Jessica Simpsons." Simon left the girls in tears as he sent them packing -- but we packed them up and brought them to Hollywood for an extreme makeover.

The sisters received complete makeup and hair treatments and had singing lessons with celebrity coach David Coury. "Extra" even arranged for the triplets to meet their idol, Barry Manilow, at his new show in Las Vegas.

But then came the moment it was all leading up to: a face-to-face showdown with "Idol's" dreaded judge. So when Simon showed up, we had to ask, is there anything else he wanted to say to the sisters before meeting them once again? "Stay in the cake shop," he quipped.

But when we brought the girls out, Simon was clearly impressed at their new look -- even if he was still leery of their talent. "You're not going to sing," he asked.

"We're going to sing," they replied. "Simon, this one's for you."

And they launched into a sterling rendition of Elton John's "Your Song."

So what did Simon think of the transformed triplets? Since he was applauding, we think it's safe to say Simon had a change of heart. "How did I get it so wrong?" he admitted. "I'm amazed at the difference."

And the girls had no hard feelings, telling Simon, "We love you; you changed our lives by calling us overweight."

So it seems there was a real Hollywood ending for America's newest triple threat.

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