Oscar Secrets Revealed
March 1, 2005

You saw the Oscar glitz and glamour on the red carpet, but what you didn't see were the Oscar candid shots taken with the stars' own cameras. We got nominee Laura Linney before hair and makeup, getting a pre-Oscar foot massage from a friend. And there's Kate Winslet before getting her face on.

Priceless photos of winner Hilary Swank and party-goers Tara Reid, Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis are a result of AOL and Moviefone teaming up with the stars themselves to share their private moments.

But where were the stars today? Relaxing? Back to work? The day before the big day Cate Blanchett spilled her post-Oscar secret with "Extra." "Well, I'll probably have another massage and get back on a plane to see the babies," she revealed.

Big winner Jamie Foxx may have been out of his mind Oscar night, but today he's back to work on his next project, a military movie called "Jarhead." And word is that Hilary Swank is waiting for her next project. You would think these winners are worth their weight in Oscar gold, right?

So what are they really worth? At the Oscars luncheon, Hilary shared this secret about life after her first win for "Boys Don't Cry." "You realize those really great roles are not there," she admitted.

In fact, "Extra" has learned that Hilary almost never became the "Million Dollar Baby" -- Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd turned down the role. But Entertainment Weekly Editor Jill Bernstein says Oscar number two is sure to pay off for Swank: "What the Oscar means for Hilary Swank is she'll be able to hand pick her next role."

Meanwhile, Leo's love, model Giselle Bundchen told Regis and Kelly this secret about Leo's loss: "He wasn't expecting to win. I think I was more upset because I think he deserved it. He did a better job."

And although the big night has passed, no one can forget the gorgeous fashions. And now you can get your own. Nobody is doing a better job knocking off those gorgeous Oscar gowns than Allen B. Schwartz, who is duplicating the stars' spectacular looks at a bargain basement price.

"These dresses I'm sure were between $5,000 and $20,000, but these dresses will retail between $300 and $350," he showed us.

And you can check out Allen’s selection of award-worthy celebrity gowns at his website: http://www.absstyle.com/belle_static.asp

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