Karma Strikes the Set of "My Name is Earl"
February 24, 2006

Jason Lee is back at work on "My Name is Earl" after halting productions for two weeks due to chicken pox. "It's about time I were in a position to shut down a show," Lee joked to "Extra's" Jon Kelley.

On "My Name is Earl," Lee plays a character trying to make good for his bad karma. So after his illness, does the star now believe in real-life karma? Don't count on it.

We caught up with Lee out in Hollywood Thursday night, where he told us, "I've been acting for 47 years and finally, I get my shot. It's a little frustrating after a while."

Jason and his co-stars were the special guests at an "Evening with ‘My Name is Earl'" at The Academy of Television Art and Sciences. Lee's co-stars were also in top form, including Jason's screen-ex, sexy Jaime Pressly.

Unlike Lee, Pressly told "Extra" she really believes in the kind of karma that has a hold on Earl. "I think it was my good karma that got me on the show," she revealed. "It's the best damn job I've ever had."

The beautiful Nadine Velazquez, Jason's TV housekeeper, told us she's also seen real-life karma first hand: "My sister used to make fun of my feet because I had a weird toe. Now, her feet are really, really, really jacked up!"

Meanwhile, Lee's TV brother Ethan Suplee had the last laugh, when he joked: "We didn't tell him, but we were filming the whole time he was away sick."


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