Drew Lachey Censored for West Coast Viewers
February 24, 2006

It was a night of upsets, injuries and racy performances on "Dancing with the Stars" Thursday night. Drew Lachey nailed back-to-back perfect scores, but only half of the country got to witness all of his antics, as ABC deemed one comment Drew made too hot for West Coast viewers!

Lachey's reaction to Judge Bruno's "Brokeback" comment was censored on the West Coast. And when our Dayna Devon asked him to explain why the hat went where it went, Lachey responded, "I heard I've been edited."

Meanwhile, Stacy Keibler danced the night away with an injured foot, but grinned and bared it for the judges. "I'm hanging in there," she said. "I'm in a lot of pain because my heel is out of place, and it pushes another bone out."

Unfortunately, the tough former wrestler was unable to impress the judges, who called her routine a disappointment. Stacy admitted, "I guess I'm a little disappointed that they didn't really enjoy it as much as we did."

One person who wasn't disappointed, however, was Stacy's boyfriend, former "7th Heaven" star Geoff Stults, who made a rare audience appearance to cheer on his girl. "I made a deal if she got to the finals, I'd sit in the audience with her family," he revealed. "But usually I stand in the back because I'm just too nervous."

So how does Geoff feel about dating Stacy, which makes him one of the luckiest guys alive? "I get that a lot," he admitted. "Mostly from my dad."

Like Stacy, disco-clad Jerry Rice and partner Anna were also struggling with physical maladies during the show. "I have a huge bruise because during one of the tricks I'm kind of whipping on the floor," Anna explained. Jerry admitted it was his fault, acknowledging at first his dance skills weren't up to par: "The first few times I would just let her fall."

Don't miss the "Dancing with the Stars" finale, Sunday night on ABC!

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