Terrence Howard Lets the Oscar Excitement 'Flow'
February 23, 2006

There's less than two weeks to go until the 2006 Academy Awards, and the Oscar preparations are underway! "Extra" caught up with Terrence Howard, who is gearing up for his golden moment.

"I've been told I'm the underdog in that race," Howard revealed.

The Best Actor nominee also revealed his surprise red-carpet date, only to "Extra!" "My son has to be there with me," he said. "That's my little mini-me."

While Terrence and his fellow Oscar nominees soak in the Academy Award experience first hand, last year's host Chris Rock broke news to "Extra" at Wednesday night's "The Seat Filler" premiere.

He'll be watching Jon Stewart give it a try from home! "I'll be watching," he said. "It'll be great. He's a funny guy."

Meanwhile, last year's big Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx, told our Jon Kelley the pressure is off this year. "It's great to be on the opposite side now," he confessed. "Just go, have a good time."

As for this year's big fashion statements, Academy Awards Fashion Coordinator Patty Fox told us to expect a lot of the classic Hollywood look on this year's red carpet.

"We always see wonderful, glamorous color," Fox said. "But this year, I think we'll also probably see people dipping back into vintage."

And like the viewers at home, Jamie revealed he can't wait to see it all on the red carpet: "I'm gonna get my lookie-loo."

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