Donald and Martha's Battle Reaches a Boiling Point
February 22, 2006

They were billionaire buddies who became business partners. But now, the friendship has gone sour and a bitter battle has emerged between Donald Trump and Martha Stewart. The reason? Who's to blame for the failure of Martha's version of "The Apprentice?"

In the beginning, the duo teamed up to promote the franchise. But now Donald told us, "I'm very disappointed in Martha. That she would blame me for the failure of her show. She never once thanked me for supporting her. I was her single biggest cheerleader. I think Martha owes me an apology."

Trump wasn't the only one spitting out fighting words. Martha mouthed back on her daytime TV show. "I'm disappointed," she said. "I'm hurt, and I'm really very upset at my longtime friend. And that's really all I want to say."

So, why can't the two just kiss and make up? Trump says absolutely not. He's most upset with Martha's claim that she thought she was going to fire and replace him in her first episode. "How do you fire somebody that has the number one show on TV?" he asked.

Before speaking with "Extra," Donald sent out an open letter to Martha in which he blasted her and her daughter's performance on the show. He closed by threatening to do his own daytime show to destroy Martha. But he told "Extra" he didn't really mean that.

"I was being very sarcastic when I wrote that," he admitted. "I'm not looking to do a daytime talk show."

Next week, Martha marks the one year anniversary of her release from prison, while Trump kicks off the fifth season of "The Apprentice."

But don't count on these former friends to get together to celebrate! "You've got about 9 billion people in the world," Trump said. "There's plenty of people to be friends with."

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