Nick and Jessica Face High Stakes Battle
February 22, 2006

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's divorce is evolving into a high stakes battle. And it seems the fight may be long and ugly, beginning with an argument over when the couple actually parted ways.

"In the time between November 23 and December 13, Jessica made at leat a million dollars, and that could be at stake," revealed People magazine's Julie Dam.

Dam also confirmed what's Harvey Levin first reported: that it was Joe Simpson who insisted there be no pre-nup. "The irony is Nick wanted a pre-nup. She agreeed to it initially and then at the end said, 'I'm not signing it,'" Levin said. "That will cost her millions and millions of dollars."

As for the dazzling 3.5 carat rock, that's one piece of property that will remain Jessica's. "Because the divorce filing says the words ‘personal jewelry,' people think maybe he wants the ring back," Dam said. "But in fact, his camp says, he doesn't want the ring back."

Regardless of the outcome, the former "Newlyweds" will be just fine. Nick and Jessica each recently purchased new multi-million dollar homes.

Jessica will continue to cash in from movie deals, her cosmetics line and budding fashion career. Nick has a new album and an acting career of his own; including a smoking hot appearance on the WB's show "Twins."

So, what's next? The world will be watching to see whether Nick and Jessica will settle behind closed doors or head to court for a very public, high-interest trial!

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