On the Set of Jamie Foxx's New Music Video
February 21, 2006

After steaming up the small screen with Eva Longoria in his last video "Unpredictable," Jamie Foxx is at it again! But on this top-secret video shoot in Los Angeles, Jamie is all about his new video vixen, Eva Pigford.

"How sexy is this?" Jamie asked as he twirled Eva around. And with the former "America's Next Top Model" by his side, Jamie broke the video's concept down for us.

"Basically, she's looking for freedom," he said. "Whether it be political freedom or love freedom. And I'm offering freedom." So will the sexy "Top Model" accept the foxy offer?

"I oblige happily," she revealed.

Mr. Foxx is not only a sexy actor and hot singer, but he's also showcasing his dance moves in the new video, including a move he fondly calls the "go away." His other specialties include the sexy moves "come to me" and the "spread out." "Always got to work the 'spread out,' 'go away' in all your video moves," Jamie explained.

You can see Jamie and Eva heat up the small screen when Jamie's new video,"DJ: Play a Love Song," hits the airwaves in a few weeks!

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