How the 'Dancing' Couples Keep Things Strictly Platonic
February 21, 2006

Ballroom dancing is all about passion and intimacy. So how do the duos on "Dancing with the Stars" manage to confine their fiery passion to the dance floor?

Stacy and Tony, Drew and Cheryl and Jerry and Anna have all managed to dance their way into the finals without falling for each other. But how do you keep the passion in the dance without falling passionately in love with your dancing partner?

"That has never even crossed our minds or come up," revealed Stacy Keibler, the partner of Tony. "From day one, I met his wife; I became friends with her."

While Stacy isn't married, she revealed that she is dating actor Geoff Stults. So how does he feel about Stacy's long hours with another man? "I'm the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to my boyfriend," she said. "He is so supportive."

While Drew Lachey spends most of his days and nights rehearsing with dance partner Cheryl, his pregnant wife, Lea, brings new meaning to the phrase "Stand By Your Man." How does she handle his long hours away from home?

"I'm sure it's wearing on her but she doesn't let on," Lachey revealed. "She's just the trooper; she's taking it for the team." It is Lea's supportive attitude that keeps Drew's eye on the prize: "I can't even describe how important that is to me to have that support."

Jerry Rice has fans to thank for keeping him in the competition. He's also got not one, but two strong-willed women by his side: his dance partner Anna and his wife of 18 years, Jackie.

"I'm totally dedicated, and I'm trying to make my partner really proud," Jerry confided. "You know, because she's working so hard."

Jerry's hard work is paying off at home too. On Friday's show, Jackie let us in on a little secret. "If I'm in the kitchen cooking, he'll stop me from cooking and grab my hand, and we'll just dance around the kitchen," she revealed. "It's definitely added a little umph to our marriage!"

That little umph will come in hand when Jerry and Anna fight for the number one spot, Thursday night on ABC.

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