Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson Divorce Storm Brews
February 20, 2006

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey may have hoped for a nice, amicable divorce, but that doesn't seem likely to happen anymore. Nick showed up at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, where he filed explosive new divorce papers in response to Jessica's December divorce filing.

Nick dropped a bomb in his papers, asking for alimony. Adding fuel to the fire, the hunky singer also wants all of his jewelry back and wants to keep all his earnings he accumulated since the split.

"Nick is clearly staking out his financial territory in this marriage," said Harvey Levin, managing editor of

Levin also broke the biggest bombshell of all to "Extra:" the day they really separated! While Nick claims they officially parted ways on December 13, Jessica is sticking to a November 23 breakup date. And there's nearly one million at stake on that detail alone!

"That's really important because on December 5, Jessica Simpson made $850,000 in a private concert," Levin explained. "Nick is entitled to half that amount."

A source in Nick's camp told "Extra" that his date of separation is different because he was hoping to reconcile.

The couple did not have a pre-nup, so should Jessica, who made an estimated $35 million last year alone, pay up? People magazine's Mike Fleeman said that based on the fact that Nick is asking for his jewelry back, it's going to be a fight to the finish.

"This is going to be a bitter divorce," he said. "This is going to be hard fought and very public."

This divorce will be the big buck battle of the year, and you can count on "Extra" to keep you up to speed!

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