Are Stacy and Lisa Dancing with Danger?
February 17, 2006

The dancing, drama and determination continued this week on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Singer Drew Lachey and WWE diva Stacy Keibler tied for first, Lisa Rinna nipped at their heels in third, and Jerry Rice stumbled into last place.

But while the judges graded the waltz and tango, the rest of us were left goggling over Stacy and Lisa's slimmed-down bodies.

"People don't realize the effects of dancing on your body," Keibler told us. "I'm completely head to toe lean, and I've just lost two jean sizes."

Lisa's husband, Harry Hamlin, was shocked to see how much she had changed. "I wanted to put a feeding tube in her," he said.

Meanwhile, Drew got plenty of support this week from big brother Nick, who's been there for his little bro the entire way. "It's great to see him get the respect and admiration that he deserves," Nick beamed. "I'm incredibly proud."

Last-placed Jerry Rice had a bone to pick with Judge Len Goodman, who deemed him "The worst." He told us, "The judges are not going to take what we accomplished here."

The next round of "Dancing with the Stars" continues Thursday night on ABC.

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