The 'Price Is Right' for Talk Show Host Tyra Banks
February 16, 2006

Bob Barker's Beauties are paid to point and pose on the "Price is Right," making everyday household items looks downright sexy. So just how tough can the job really be? Tyra Banks hit Barker Boot Camp to find out!

The talk show host visited the set to become a Barker Beauty, and only "Extra" was there for her rehearsal and a last-minute pep talk from the boss man himself!

Bob revealed a few qualities all of his beauties must possess: "Of course she has to be beautiful and have a nice smile. And be able to show off a refrigerator and make you just drool over the refrigerator."

Does Bob think Tyra can pass the test? "She will do beautifully," he confirmed.

You'd think the small test should be a walk in the park for a cat walk queen, right? But Tyra admitted, "I'm nervous because there's a lot of choreography!"

Despite a few missteps in rehearsal, beautiful Ms. Banks made it look easy. "I have to stand on top, kind of wave, hit it twice, bend down, peek-a-boo to the camera and then walk backwards," she explained.

And the hardest part of the entire process? "Barker's Beauties can never show their backs," Tyra revealed.

Be sure to side step your way over to Tyra's show on Friday for more fun from Barker's newest Beauty!

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