Drew Lachey Faces ‘Dancing' Race Against Time
February 16, 2006

The ABC hit "Dancing with the Stars" is now down to its final four competitors: Drew Lachey, Stacy Keibler, Lisa Rinna and Jerry Rice. "Extra" caught up Drew and his dance partner, Cheryl, working out all the kinks during last-minute rehearsals.

"It's like all crazy stuff. It's taking over my brain," Drew admitted. "I've had so many dreams. I'll wake up and my legs will be moving, or I'll have a nightmare where I forget the step."

But as Drew and Cheryl attempt to dance their way to another perfect score, Drew predicted another competitor to come out on top. "I think Stacy's probably the front runner for the whole show," he confessed.

No matter what, one thing is certain: Drew's loyal wife Lea and big brother Nick will be in the audience cheering him on. "It's great to have friendly faces there, cheering you on, " Drew said. "It means a lot."

Also in Drew's corner is his brother's former sister-in-law, Ashlee Simpson. "I'm crossing my fingers for him to win," Ashlee said.

"That's nice of her," Drew admitted. "I haven't spoken to Ashlee for awhile, so it's nice of her to say that."

However, Drew's one big fear is that Lea, who is due to deliver their first child in a mere two weeks, will go into labor early. "If she went into labor, ‘Dancing with the Stars' would definitively go on the back burner," he told us.

Keep your fingers crossed as Drew's race against time continues on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

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