Get Flawless Skin without the Surgery
February 15, 2006

Not everyone is blessed with a great complexion. That's why plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Brown created a high-end skin care line to help maintain that young and healthy glow.

It's called ReVive, and it contains ingredients that stimulate new cell growth, which means plumper, healthier looking skin. "It's the best product on the market," promised Dr. Brown.

This skincare product is the buzz around Tinseltown, and now, Dr. Brown has a devoted group of celebrity followers, including Drea De Matteo.

But looking good doesn't come cheap. A small tube of Volumizing Serum costs a whopping $600! Although pricey, it's still cheaper than esthetic surgery. And according to Dr. Brown, his revolutionary product may even delay the need to go under the knife!

If it's not fine lines and wrinkles you are worried about, Dr. Ava Shamban has a new line of products called Radical Departure for those with a skin emergency. The dermatologist developed a must-have product that promises to diminish any minor blemish or sun-spot in a mere two weeks!

Journalist and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Giselle Fernandez, used Dr. Shamban's four-step system to prep for the show.

"My skin was kind of dry, and I had some splotchiness, and she said this is the product to use," Fernandez revealed. "I did it, and I was blown away. I saw an immediate difference."

But beauty doesn't come cheap. The system, which includes a cleanser, antioxidant spray, day cream and night cream, comes with a $125 price tag.

So there you have it -- a double dose to super-looking skin!

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