Travis Stork: The Rock-Solid 'Bachelor'
February 13, 2006

He's the hunky ER doc that has captured every woman's heart. From his sweet kisses to his southern gentleman manners, Travis Stork has proven that he's a solid suitor. But one thing he's left to our imagination is how he got that rock-hot body.

"Extra's" Cameron Mathison met up with the Travis at New York's Chelsea Piers to see how he stays so buff.

Travis revealed that his rock-solid body can be attributed to his rock climbing workout. During a little climbing lesson, Travis revealed, "The key is you want at least three points of contact and try to use your feet as much as possible."

So is it possible that this is all the sexy doctor does to keep his body in top-notch shape? "It's not right now," Travis admitted. "But I used to climb quite a bit."

These days, Travis is a busy man, so it's no surprise his love for rock climbing has been put on hold during his quest to find true love.

With so many women and so little time, what is Travis looking for in his ideal woman? "Just being genuine," he revealed. "Certainly I love a woman who is active."

With "The Bachelor" quickly coming to an end, everyone is left wondering: has Travis found love? "I'm very happy," he confided. "I met someone special, her name is…."

You will have to watch "The Bachelor" on Monday nights to find out!

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