Jessica Prepares for Her First V-Day without Nick
February 13, 2006

Jessica Simpson is about to spend her first Valentine's Day without Nick, but if you think Jess will be moping around, think again! The superstar is in Las Vegas, where our wild men Chip and Pepper took a walk in Simpson's shoes.

"Extra" got a rare look inside the life of newly single Jessica Simpson, all glammed up and all smiles as she helped kick off her new Jessica Simpson shoe line.

A playful Jessica sat down only with our special correspondents, famous fashion designers and brothers Chip and Pepper, who make Chip and Pepper jeans. "My biggest passion in life is shoes," Simpson said. "My mom, I would wear hers as a kid. I am in on the creative meetings and designing and drawings. And I approve everything that you see."

Jessica's shoes even come complete with her signature. "My real signature is a little bit more sloppy that that," she admitted. "I had to do it neat so people can read it."

Simpson told us she got the idea to become a designer while playing Daisy Duke. "After ‘Dukes of Hazzard,' every girl was wearing cowboy boots," she said.

Also expect Jessica to set trends with her new line of high heels. "I like flip flops and stuff," she said. "But I'm a girl that likes height because I am only 5-foot-3-inches."

So what will Jess think of next? "I don't know," she admitted. "Unfortunately, I just had to shave my puppy so maybe I'll make some puppy clothes."




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