Jamming with Lifehouse at CD USA
February 10, 2006

Platinum rockers Lifehouse plan to please their growing fan base with a new tour in April. But until then, Jason, Rick and Bryce are keeping busy recording new demos. But they did manage to squeeze in a minute for an "Extra" exclusive with Jonathan Redford at CD USA!

Jonathan Redford: What is one of the craziest questions people ask you?

Jason: Probably briefs or commando.

Bryce: Commando!

JR: You heard it here, Bryce goes commando.

Jason: We're actually taking a little break. I'm going to start writing, we're going to do some demos in my studio coming up pretty soon, and were going to hit the road in April again.

JR: Speaking of demos, your demo started showing up on eBay for like hundreds of dollars?

Jason: Yeah, I believe one of my family members actually was putting it on eBay. I think I should get like 10 percent of it! Like maybe I can manage this family member.

JR: Speaking of managers, your manager is our very own music critic Jude Cole. You want to give us a little dirt on him?

Bryce: I think the only dirt that you guys don't know is that he goes commando too, so watch out at the "Extra" lounge!

We'll keep that in mindů. In the meantime, don't miss Lifehouse rock CD UDA Saturday on DirecTV's channel 101.

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