'Lost' Bad Boy Josh Holloway Finds Feature Film
February 8, 2006

Josh Holloway is riding high these days, as he's quickly become one of the highest demanded actors, turning down roles left and right… even a leading role opposite Brad Pitt! "As much as that hurts losing those opportunities," Holloway said. "I wouldn't trade this for the world."

Josh has grown to superstardom status playing bad boy Sawyer on "Lost," and with the success of the show, the movie offers have begun rolling in. Holloway has had to turn some of the roles down, but he just shot his first feature film, "Hellion."

But Josh's life isn't all work. The hunky star plans to spend Valentine's Day with his beautiful wife, Yessica Kumala. "I love Valentine's Day," Holloway said. "It's a good excuse to really get the lingerie thrown on and sit back and play with chocolate and stuff!"

A romantic at heart, Josh admitted he isn't all that different from the villain he plays on TV. "I'm not leaving me, I'm simply flipping the script," he said. "We all have Sawyer in us."

Don't miss Josh Holloway, ever Wednesday on ABC's "Lost."

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