Vegas Welcomes Tyra Banks, Showgirl
February 7, 2006

Tyra Banks took her talk show to Las Vegas, but it wasn't to play blackjack or poker -- Tyra hit up Sin City to transform into a sexy Vegas showgirl!

The Jubilee dancers toned it down for the talk show host. "They didn't do topless today because I was here," Banks admitted. "But I think I may have given them a topless show."

Tyra's Sin City visit wasn't all fun and games; the former supermodel spent hours in rigorous rehearsals. And although they critiqued Tyra right and left, she told us, "I just kind of went in there and kind of did my rehearsal. It's like, 'Ok, whatever. I got this.'"

But the show wasn't without an embarrassing moment -- right after the curtain went up, a major wardrobe malfunction came down. "I thought I had this, and the first thing that happens is that damn hat falls off," she revealed. "And my guy jerked me and was like, 'Don't grab it, we don't do that in showgirl land."

You can check out Tyra kicking it up in Las Vegas on her talk show, this Thursday.

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