At Home with Eva and Tony
February 7, 2006

Only "Extra" went inside the Hollywood Hills love nest of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, where the adoring couple opened up their home before opening up about their private life!

From their bedroom, where they looked like two teenagers in love, to the downstairs couch, Tony and Eva love to spend time together at home. Eva revealed their perfect night is, "Sitting on the couch or laying in bed, watching a basketball game."

And when they aren't on the couch, the super couple is in the kitchen. "I love to cook for him," Longoria revealed. And her best dish? According to Parker: "I always eat the same thing -- lemon pepper chicken."

Romantic Tony also revealed that once in a while he cooks for his sweetie. "I cooked once for Eva. Spaghetti Bolognese, that's what I do," he told us. "I do a special sauce."

Another special thing he does so well? Parker is currently designing a dream house for them in San Antonio, Texas, where he plays for the Spurs. "He's very specific as to what he wants in the house," Eva revealed. "I just want to decorate it!"

One specification Parker definitely wants is high ceilings so he can hang with his basketball buds, something their current digs do not have.

"This house is for midget people," Tony insisted.

"All my light fixtures in the house are really low," Eva agreed. "Everybody hits their head on them except me."

But a bump on the head isn't so bad when you get to recover with this sexy lady of Wisteria Lane!

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