Bono Makes Designer Debut at Fashion Week
February 6, 2006

U2's songs have connected generations of music lovers, and now the band's frontman is taking his meaningful lyrics to the runway, with the debut of Edun, a socially conscious clothing line.

Bono and wife, Ali Hewson, joined the plethora of stars in New York City for Fashion Week; but this was the first time the dazzling duo was behind the scenes instead of sitting in the front row.

Their clothing line, Edun, is a team effort. Bono handles the philosophical side while Ali oversees the aesthetics. "He's a great sounding board," Hewson said. "And he's just really great to have there."

Bono hopes his new threads will be on the backs of those who want to make a difference. But when designing them, he knew they also had to look good. "If the clothes aren't good, no one's going to wear them," he said. "No matter what they stand for."

The humanitarian rock star also told us about his conversation with President Bush; the two got together to discuss more U.S. involvement in the African AIDS epidemic. "If things get heated, and they have, I think it's a sign that he's passionate about these things," he said.

Since his conversation with the president, Bono says the U.S. aid to Africa has nearly doubled. "He seems very serious on this stuff," Bono revealed. "And you know you can't fight the war against terror without fighting the war against poverty. Cause they feed into each other."

The rocker also chatted about another Hollywood couple taking a stand: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. "They're really serious people," he revealed. "They're really getting under the skin of their issues, and we work together."

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