Ellen DeGeneres: The Super Bowl Expert?
February 3, 2006

Before the final two teams earned their way to the Super Bowl, Ellen DeGeneres forecasted it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks going head to head. So who does Ellen predict to win the game?

"I haven't announced it yet," Ellen said. "I'm doing some research, and I think it's going to be one of the two." Although still on the fence about the outcome, Ellen confessed that she is leaning toward Seattle, but is being buttered up by Pittsburgh.

"The Steelers started sending me a lot of beautiful blouses and things, so I'm now considering them," she said.

And the day after the game, Ellen will be the hostess with the mostess, hosting a 30th high school reunion for 75 of her former classmates. "We only had 15 in our class, which is very weird," she joked.

Ellen, an avid music fan, is also planning a special show from the Grammy Awards!

Before becoming a talk show host and Super Bowl psychic, Ellen revealed that she once worked a menial factory job: "I worked in a glove factory for a day and a half." Apparently, the assembly line wasn't very fulfilling for the Emmy winner, and she left on the first day. "I just said I didn't feel well, and went home and didn't come back," she confessed.

Tackle the big game this Sunday on ABC. And make sure to watch Ellen's 30th high school reunion Monday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"!

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