Priceless Paris Hilton Mementos Up for Grabs
February 3, 2006

If Paris' sex tape scandal wasn't revealing enough, her most private and treasured trinkets are now on the auction block! But apparently, talk isn't cheap -- Paris Hilton's diary comes with a handsome price tag.

The diary, along with a treasure trove of other personal mementos, was claimed after Paris' unpaid storage unit was cleaned out. At the time, a single buyer snatched the items for a mere $3,000.

Now, the Phoenix-based entrepreneur is making a pretty penny off the heiress by auctioning off some of her private mementos that include nude photos and even more steamy videos.

Anyone can bid on the items, if they are willing to plunk down the $20 million minimum.

Meanwhile, a normally loose-lipped Paris is keeping her lips sealed! She had nothing to say about the incident when she called a handyman to organize her garage yesterday. She merely remarked that the scads of clothes being cleaned out would be donated to charity.

No word if Paris will buy her possessions back or if a lawsuit will ensue. But you can be assured, once word breaks loose, "Extra" will take you there!

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