‘Extra's' Dayna Devon Gets ‘Lost' in Paradise
February 2, 2006

It's not your typical day at the office! In fact, the cast of "Lost" admits that their work is definitely a day at the beach. The hot TV show is shot on Oahu's famed North Shore, and "Extra" is the only show giving you a taste of life on the island as Dayna Devon's gets an exclusive cast interview.

Dayna Devon: You can actually make yourself believe you're on a deserted island?

Josh Holloway: Certainly, absolutely. Spent some time out here by myself. I actually camped out in my own tent.

Terry O'Quinn: He's crazy. You know people come out here -- all kinds of crazies. Josh is just another one of them. They're probably more scared of Josh than he is of them.

Not much scares Josh since living on Oahu; not even the constant threat of his "Lost" run coming to an end!

Dayna Devon: You can be killed of at any minute. They make no bones about that. How do you plan your life?

Josh Holloway: You don't.

It's an occupational hazard of working on a show like "Lost." At any give moment, any one of the characters can end up in the island's makeshift graveyard.

Matthew Fox: I honestly believe that at this point, somebody really major does have to go.

Dayna Devon: You never know here if your character is going to be gone the next week.

Michelle Rodriguez: It's a lot like life, I think. You just never know what's gonna happen.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: I came from a show, "OZ", which was renowned for killing off its lead characters. So, I kind of thrive in those environments.

Evangeline Lilly: I just always think how if Kate gets killed, I had a really good run for my money. I have experienced something that people only ever dream of experiencing.

No kidding! An average of 17 million viewers get "Lost" in the imaginary paradise every week, and the show swept all the big Hollywood awards shows, which is certainly reason enough to celebrate. And apparently, this cast hangs loose by losing their clothes.

Matthew Fox: Any chance I get to swim naked in warm Hawaii water, I do.

Dayna Devon: (to Josh Holloway) Do you ever skinny dip?

Josh Holloway: Yes, I've gone with Matthew a few times.

Dayna Devon: How does that work out?

Josh Holloway: And others, not just me and Matthew.

Dayna Devon: You and Matthew, that's sweet.

Josh Holloway: No, we've definitely on a number of occasions.

Dayna Devon: The whole cast?

Josh Holloway: The brave ones!

Emilie De Ravin: Not me.

Evangeline Lilly: Not on your life!

If you haven't caught the "Lost" wave, you can watch every Wednesday on ABC.

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