Divorce Court, Here We Come! Plus, Who's Making Teri Smile?
February 2, 2006

Hollywood is bracing for a new round of divorce wars today, and the latest couple in Tinseltown to throw the punches is Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

People magazine's Robin Michaeli told us, "Things have gone very badly between Charlie and Denise very quickly. People around Charlie and Denise say they are no longer speaking to each other."

"Extra" caught Denise on a shopping spree this week in Santa Monica. "Sources close to Denise say it's been very rough on her," Michaeli revealed. "But she's staying strong for the kids' sake."

So how is Charlie handling the family situation? His famous pop, Martin Sheen, told "Extra," "They'll work it out."

David Hasselhoff is also sorting through divorce drama from his wife of 16 years, Pamela Bach. "Basically, I just said my prayers," David confessed. "And said, I've got to do what I've got to do."

David and his ex each filed divorce papers against each other and are now in a tug-of-war over custody of their children. "It's really difficult for the kids," Hasselhoff admitted. "I don't go out and talk about it in a negative way. I just say it's a part of life, and life's got to go on."

Meanwhile, life has been peachy-keen for Spanish beauty PenÚlope Cruz and hunky Texan Matthew McConaughey recently. "Extra" found the intimate couple during a romantic jaunt to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

And hilarious talk show host Ellen DeGeneres asked Teri Hatcher the question everyone wants to know: "How's your boyfriend George Clooney?"

Teri laughed off the rumors, claiming, "He's not my boyfriend!" Ellen and the audience then shared the disappointment as Ellen joked, "You all broke up? My God, no!"

So, is Mr. Clooney really the reason behind Teri's happy glow? After all, at the SAG Awards after party, Teri and George were pretty close and comfy, "You were all in the same room," Ellen insisted.

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