Rebecca Romijn: Supermodel Turned Sitcom Star
February 1, 2006

Supermodel Rebecca Romijn is about to be the sexiest new reporter on the primetime beat in the new WB comedy, "Pepper Dennis." So when "Extra" stopped by the star's set, we had to do a little investigative journalism of our own.

How are the wedding plans coming for Rebecca and fiancÚ Jerry O'Connell? "Of course I'm pretty busy with this at the moment," Romijn told us. "But we'll figure it out. We've got some time. We'll do it sometime this year."

"It feels really, really good," the star added. "He keeps it real, and I love that."

In her new comedy, Rebecca gets her own reality check as an ambitious Chicago journalist who looses an anchor job to hunk Josh Hopkins.

And before we let the intrepid new reporter go back to work, we just had to show her a photo of her buff fiancÚ when he was a chubby little newcomer in "Stand by Me."

"That's the cutest thing I've ever seen," Rebecca laughed. "It really was my favorite movie when I was a kid."

Sounds like an exclusive lead story for "Pepper Dennis"! Watch Rebecca Romijn make her own news, starting in April on The WB!

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