The War Behind the Scenes of 'American Idol'
February 1, 2006

Tuesday night on "American Idol," the contestants swarmed Sin City, but almost no talent turned up in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Despite one of the worst audition rounds in the show's history, with only 11 contestants going on to the Hollywood round, Simon and Paula managed to keep the peace on camera. But behind the scenes, one of TV's biggest feuds is said to be brewing. And Paula and Randy see no reason for Cowell's treason!

The ruckus began last week when Cowell ditched auditions and flew back on a private, chartered jet, thus abandoning Ms. Abdul. And it seems hard feelings between the two are generating lots of tension on the set.

Our Terri Seymour caught up with "Idol's" man in the middle, Ryan Seacrest; who knows best that face-offs with Simon are nothing new.

According to Ryan, Cowell said, "I'm not kidding, she really upset me".

But even Ryan revealed he was shocked to hear what Randy was saying about Simon this season. "I saw a clip of Randy saying that Simon is suffering from man-o-pause, and I didn't know what he was talking about," Ryan admitted. "He's recently seen Simon in tears."

Luckily, Terri cleared up that rumor in a hurry by saying, "Simon showing any kind of emotion? You know that's wrong to start with!"

Tuesday night's contestants surely did little to improve Cowell's mood, with a slew of aspiring singers ranging from bad to awful.

And what about those post-audition interviews? Ryan admitted that rejected returnee JC put a scare in him: "There was me with this guy, thinking: He's going to mow me over and there's going to be nothing left!"

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